Pryme Technology is proud of the norms and standards that we follow to practice the business

Pryme Technology is proud of the norms and standards that we follow to practice the business. Our business norms and standards are laid upon passion, enthusiasm, and accomplishment in serving you. The sense of accomplishment is derived from giving back to the community. We strive hard to contribute to the community by sharing the passion, excitement and fulfilment. As a philanthropist, we donate a marginal share of our earnings and profit with the employees and other needy people of the community. For this purpose, we have made schemes to serve in different areas related to education and health. We offer health insurance to our employees through our dynamic health insurance plan to help them gain easy access to health facilities. We also organize different sort of recreational activities for employees that aim at allowing the employees to bust the work-related stress. It does not only help in upgrading the employees’ morale but also assists in boosting their productivity and performance. We also encourage our employees to volunteer for different community foundation and society as a gesture of endorsing a sense of community involvement and to make a difference for the people, who are needy. Hence, we immensely support the community service and non-profit organizations in their effort to make the community better.
We have teamed up with different Food Banks to help sort and package food for needy families. We have also worked with NGOs to provide support and shelter to refugees and deprived children. In an effort to make the community better, we have also worked with people with intellectual, physical and emotional disabilities to provide them access to education, health facilities, and employment opportunities. We strongly support practising environmentally friendly business and to ensure that the environment is protected, we celebrate a planting day wherein employees are motivated to grow more and more plants and trees.  We also educate our employees and the community about the significance of the green environment and its impact on our daily lives. We also educate them the ways the environment can be made eco-friendly. We have donated 50 computer systems to a local school, as these computer systems were not in use. So, instead of letting them sit in the warehouse, we decided to donate these fully functional computer systems where it can be used by those who need them. To promote and support education, Pryme Technology offers a free scholarship to poor or underprivileged children. We also provide them with school uniform, shoes, and a backpack filled with the requisite school supplies.
We dedicate our time and skills to volunteer old and age population in the local community. Our employees volunteer to assist older people to stay active and attached to the community. For this purpose, they organize social events and community activities. They also provide companionship for older people who are sick and unable to perform physical activity. Our employees volunteer in doing small activities such as shopping, bringing book from the local library, and travelling around the town.