Professional recruiters with high recruitment expertise source, screen, and locate the perfect freelancer for the job.

Freelancing or contractual staffing has become popular in the IT industry. Freelancing is deemed attractive due to its flexibility for candidates and companies both. May you require a highly specialised network engineer and a database administrator or technical support, freelancing is reckoned as an effective and efficient option by many companies nowadays. The benefits of freelance IT staffing is unlimited for both parties in general. Freelancing does not only allow the expert candidate to enjoy the freedom of flexible working hours but also effective for the client to get the project done within the deadline as per the contract. Else, the client has the right not to pay to the freelancer. With the ever-increasing demand for IT staffing and lack of IT resources, freelancing has emerged as a smart staffing solution for companies and talent. Pryme Technology possesses a vast database of freelancers from various functional areas of information technology. Whether you need technical support, programmers, web developers, system analyst, network engineer or IT security, we have got you covered. We give our client companies the freedom of hiring an expert freelancer in their budget and as per their project scope. Our freelance candidates can bring value to your project and company through their skill and experience without exceeding the project cost. They are professional and can also be available in short notice. Thus, these IT freelancers are expert at delivering the best talent to your company.
These freelancers are recruited by our recruiters after a thorough and strict evaluation process. This evaluation process is designed after understanding your staffing requirements and business needs.  Hence, when you approach Pryme Technology for IT freelancer recruitment service, we do not only hand you over a list of freelancer candidates but deliver qualified candidates who are shortlisted to meet your exact requirements. Eventually, you get leverage from the skills, experience and recruitment approach of our IT consultants and recruitment team. Our team follows a rigorous method for recruiting IT freelancers, which includes identifying the talent, qualifying the talented candidates, verifying the talent through cross check, extra screening and assessment. The identification process takes place where we find the candidates who match your requirements. It is done through screening and assessing the background of the candidates. Once the talent is identified and made part of our freelancer database, he or she has to go through the qualification process. The process entails the assessment of candidates and their appropriateness with the position.  We follow a smart assessment tool that allows our recruiters to determine which talent is the best fit for you. It comes with the next and last step to verify the talent. Our recruiters maintain the top standard in the quality criteria. The step is important as it brings about the background check, telephone interviews and selection approaches. After the talent is qualified, his or her details are entered into our freelancer database. So, every time you reach us for a freelancer or contractual employment, we see through our freelance database of IT talents to provide us with viable information of the candidates.